History of the Madrasah

The Claremont Main Road Mosque’s Saturday Morning Madrasah has humble beginnings.

It started way back in 1991 at the house of Imam Rashied Omar and soon progressed to the Claremont Main Road Mosque in 1992.

By 1995 The Madrasah outgrew the mosque and the senior classes were moved to the Stegman Road Mosque.

In August 1999 the entire Madrasah relocated to the Mohammadeyah Primary School in Wynberg.

During the first 9 years in Wynberg – the roll exceed 500 students.


The first highlight achieved whilst in Wynberg was the redevelopment of the Yassarnul Quran Surah.

This developed by Fahmi Gamildien, Fajwa Abrahams and Mymona Galant. They modulated the Yassarnul Quran Surah into 8 modules.

The Second Highlight was the establishment of a teachers training programme [now the Adult Class]. It became necessary to train our existing on how to apply the new modules. These classes were offered to parents who were interested in assisting their children at home. After most teachers were exposed to the programme the classes continued but was changed to an Adult Education Programme. Many of these adults have children at the madrasah and some of them became teachers at the institution.

The Third highlight was the developement of an Arabic Programme – head by Fahmi Gamieldien and assisted by Shaykh Muhammad Groenewald and Nadia Jonathan.

The madrasah also has a Grade R Class.